Monday, October 28, 2013

Sponsor Highlight | LOJA DÁDÁ

Say hello to one of my new sponsors Loja Dádá. Based in Portugal and run by owner Daniela Melamed, the shop started out to be a place where Portuguese parents could find a different option to children's wear, but has now grown into a fully international shop, shipping worldwide and offering unique labels like, Beau LOves, Mini & Maximus, Bobo Choses, Kidscase, Popupshop, Indikidual etc. to parents all over the world.

I had the chance to catch up with the owner/founder, Daniela recently and got to ask her a few questions regarding her shop Loja Dádá

Can you tell us how
Loja Dádá started? What is your inspiration, and how did you come up with the name?

Well, now I am going to be not original at all, but my shop started when my daughter was born. It started not out of the usual need to find clothes that were different at first, but to find nice things to buy online. At that time, I did not know most of the shops and brands I know now, and I thought it would be a nice thing to open a online shop in Portugal, allowing mothers to buy online at times it would be hard for them to leave the house (I never have much time for shopping).

Later, I also wanted to give them the opportunity to buy from nice small labels that they would not find anywhere near. By now, Loja Dada is a fully international shop, shipping worldwide and trying to offer a  nice selection to mums all over the world and not only in Portugal.
The name Loja Dada came from my daughter. She used to say "dadadada" all the time when she was little. So when it was time to pick a name, Dádá it was. Loja means shop in Portugese.

What do you look for when sourcing a label for your store? Is there a particular style you like? 

In the beginning, I focused much on ethic production and brands that would be eco-friendly. And in fact, I still do, and all brands I chose I try to be small brands, from within the brands I try do exclude products made in China or similar (though I have had my surprises…) and then there is a style I like: I like black clothes for kids for example, I like comfortable, rad clothes. But I change all the time and sometimes try to include something new in the shop.

You have recently gotten some nice new styles from Popupshop, Beau LOves, Mini Rodini, etc what are some of your own favourites this season, and have you gotten anything particular for your own gorgeous, little girl? 

My girl just loves her Popupshop tights, all models! I love the Popupshop black baggy pants, with sweaters, for our winter weekend walks on the beach and so. From Mini Rodini, I love most the basics, which are always so soft (like their other items, too). Beau Loves is just the coolest brand with such a nice lookbook. Also got  her a MIMA black sweater with Meow print, an Emile et Ida pink catmasksweater and a black dress by Emile et Ida (for some special event). 

head on over to Loja Dádá to check out their great collection of unique labels from across the world, and a big thanks to Daniela for sharing her story with us, and giving us an insight into the world of Loja Dádá - obrigado!



  1. Oh nice clothes and a nice new shop I hadn't heard of! Have you bought anything from this shop before?

    1. Hi Johanna - yes I have shopped at Loja Dada before, a couple of times actually. Excellent shipping/service, and here is what I got the last time I shopped >> Happy shopping!

    2. It seems like a lovely shop and it stocks some of my favorite labels so will have a look. Thank you.


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