Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paus fågel = Pause Bird?

Gosh sometimes my brain just ends up in one big knot. After speaking English for so many years now, one thing I still think in Swedish is different sayings. Like there is a saying in Swedish that you have a fox behind your ear, meaning you are a bit sly and cheeky. Now these keep popping up in my head all the time and I have the most difficult time trying to explain them to English speaking people. Well while waiting for my girl to come out of school yesterday I was doodling to pass time and I instantly thought it looked like a paus fågel... a little thing you put in between to pass time.. well in English it becomes paus bird.. which makes no sense at all! I looked like a fool trying to explain it to another waiting mum.. Oh well I guess that part of my brain will always stay Swedish :)


  1. Haha, that's so funny! We have a saying in Finnish "sinulla on ketunhäntä kainalossa" which is something like "you have a fox tail in your armpit" in English. It means that you have something sneaky in your mind. Or at least I think it does. Hmmm, does it? These are so tricky and very hard to explain :)

    - Jenni

  2. Jenni - Haha..that is great a fox tail in your armpit! Yes it is what you have heard and it makes perfect sense for us, but as soon as you put it into english it sounds so weird...


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