Monday, April 9, 2012

Moments | Chilly billy

Brrrr, it is cold in Melbourne today! A cold rain is taunting us but we managed to get out and get some fresh air when the cloud seemed to have press pause on the rain. The little boy was full of energy while the girl was having a rest in the pram as her arm is slowly healing. We got around to the video store and rented a bag full of good movies to pass some of the time while recovering.
M wears: Beanie by HippsomHapp, jacket by Shampoodle. D wears: Suit by Popupshop, beanie by The Brand.


  1. Oh, poor little Mika! :( Hope her hand gets better fast!
    I want that beanie from The Brand as well. I need a yellow one to go with my son's yellow Crocband jaunt boots.

  2. Hi Jenni, yes no fun to get a cast except that you can draw on it :/ The yellow Brand beanie are so neat, love that little yellow pop and such a handy thing since i can spot him on the playground easily :).


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