Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Rain from Spain!

When I was putting together my kids new room, there was a space over my daughters bed that really needed something special. I looked hi and lo for something that would keep her entertained and reflect her colourful personality and I found this wonderful company Chispum from Barcelona, Spain. Chispum collaborates with some really awesome illustrators and makes some very nice creative decorative vinyls. Being in the business since 2003 they have some seriously amazing stock for both children's rooms, offices, kitchens and any other room that needs a bit of fun decoration or simply a neat statement that puts a smile on your face.

We fell in love with the big rain cloud with the colourful drops, and we couldn't wait to receive it and put it up. It arrived the other day and it was instant love. M helped me put it up (well as good as she good with a broken arm) and it is the perfect thing for her wall. We love how the cloud changes colour depending how the sun hits the wall. The metallic surface reflects the light so it goes from light to dark depending on the time of the day. The vinyls comes in a lot of different sizes so it is easy to fit it to that special place you have in mind.

Visit Chispum's website (international shipping available).

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  1. Thanks for this post. I was just looking for something in my sons room and these are just perfect. Even better they ship internationally!!


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