Saturday, April 14, 2012

Finnish Design Joy!

We received a lovely parcel the other day, with some really neat things from Minibots. They recently stocked up on two great Finnish labels, RK Design and Varpunen. We have long loved the cool storage baskets by Varpunen so it was great to finally own one and realize just how versatile they are! It has quickly become the home for soft toys or special knick knacks in the kids room ( I still have to figure out a plan to kidnap it for myself!). There were also some awesome stickers that we already have had some fun with. I found a mustache sticker on the nightlight this morning that made me giggle! A sure hit with the kiddos was also the lovely poscards with shapes from RK Design. Nice clean shapes that you won't get tired of looking at! I am happy to see the amazing Finnish design is finally making its way over here Down Under :)

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