Monday, April 16, 2012

Layer UP!

With the colder winter month approaching this part of the globe, you find yourself looking through the kids wardrobe for that nice extra layer to start with. I can't go past Danish brand New Generals without thinking it is one perfect and striking match for what we will need soon! Well when I think of it, when don't you need a good tank top and nice leggings? This set from NG is great for a boy, and I love the cool detail of two back pockets on the leggings as well.
Available at Minibots.


  1. Hello,

    these clothes are the cooliest and softest organic cotton I've seen for a while! :) I love them and so do my customers that have bought NG!

    I've read your blog about 1 year now and I think it's very beautiful..

    Have a nice autumm down there!

    -Tiina from webshop KaksiKuningasta,Finland (in english 2kings)

  2. Hi Tiina! Nice to hear from you. Yes NG seems to be such a comfy brand. We own one shirt from them but I am quickly realizing we will need to stock up on some more because it is being used so often by my little boy. I know of your shop, I have visited it often but have yet get myself together for ordering something. Do you do international orders?

    Have a nice Spring up there and thank you for your lovely comments :)

  3. Hi,
    Yes I do international orders.
    If you want to order something someday, please don't hesitate to send me an email
    and we'll work it out. :)


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