Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ughf! It doesn't take much to make this country go into winter mode. A couple of days of rain and wind and I am back to remembering why I am not a fan of Australian winter. No central heating, no insulation in the walls and windows and doors with gaps underneath. Brrrrrr. I am hoping it is only a couple of days of coldness and that we are back to some prolonged Autumn warmth again next week. Adding a random doodle by me, that some how represent how I feel at the moment.


  1. Oh, doesn't sound too good :( Probably the mixture of wind and rain makes it quite chilly inside the houses as well if there's no heating systems. You have to grab yourself a big blanket, light some candles and stay on the couch drinking hot chocolate :)

    P.S. We have a beautiful spring day here today.

  2. Sounds like New Zealand. Bit of a joke really. Its like we are all in denial that it gets cold or something?

    I do like snuggling up with a big blanket though!

    Dont get to do that much here on the Sunshine coast!

  3. Jenni - There are heating systems but our house only have a gas heater which to a Swede is quite a meager solution..haha. Oh yes we have sure done the big old pile of people under a big thick blanket today and watched some lovely movies, which is one of my favorite things in winter time :)
    Glad to hear you are having a lovely Spring day!!

    Tani - YES! I think we are in denial every year.. takes one of these days to make you go...riiiiight.. it was COLD last year. How are the weather over in QLD? Saw a thing on SBS the other day JUST how much dangerous animals that lives there.. boxjelly fish, all sorts of spiders, plants..yeah you name it! Seen any of that where you live? Just curious :)


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