Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aviator Nation | Brand Watch

PhotobucketSome call it vintage some call it retro, no matter what you decide to call it, it is undoubtedly cool! Aviator Nation has previously only been available in the big sizes but now the soft, vintage designed threads are also available for the young. Paige Mycoskie, creator of Aviator Nation, has spent years collecting her own vintage t’s.  She has never been into buying the reproductions of rocker t’s and other vintage reproductions because in her opinion the new ones don’t look or feel anything like a true vintage piece.  Paige’s obsession with authentic vintage t-shirts, specifically “vintage sports t-shirts” has inspired Aviator Nation. Right now these items are available at Nonchalant Mom. images: Nonchalant Mom


  1. Love the stripey jacket and the lightning shirt!

  2. Sari, yes the nice vintage look has be excited as well :) Hoping more stockists will take them on.


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