Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yes? No?


Sometimes, deciphering a child's need is the hardest thing there is. Here's the scenario. It is still dark outside, it is night time and our 2 year old has woken up for the 4th time. This time I stumble into their bedroom and this time instead of just being cold (why keep that duvet cover on, it might just keep me warm is this 2 year old's thinking on most nights) he points at his tummy going..."Awweeii beeelly". Just when those words have come out, he starts to look like his is going to throw up all over his bed. Ahhhh... alert alert...get kid out of bed onto floorboards or something that won't take all night to clean up. I hurl the kid out of bed and run to get something we can catch it in. My dazed and confused 2 year old looks at me with a big plastic bowl in his hands. Clearly this kid has never thrown up before. I try to explain to him that it is good in case he feels sick. He gets that look again and I brace myself for a full gastro galore exhibit... but instead I get a ginormous burp! My 2 year old instantly starts to laugh out loud, and so do I, because I probably jumped 4 feet into the air. - mama, Dante buuurp! He proudly exclaimed.

All this is quite a lot to take in the middle of the night and add that suddenly it has gotten really cold in Melbourne lately we are both standing in the kitchen, in the dark, shivering and laughing. Suddenly he pops the plastic bowl on his head, saying - mama...hat! Yep.. now it is a hat. I ask him if his belly is OK now, he goes... yes! I ask him if he is sure... he goes No!...Is it still hurting then? Yes! Oh dear.. how do you know what 2 year old's means? I ask him a random question. How is your foot? Awweeeii!... Yep.. with that I put him back to bed and we manage to get some few minutes of sleep more before the alarm goes off. The bliss of understanding children :)

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