Monday, April 16, 2012

It is coming...

Autumn that is, but most of all change is coming. We have had 2 weeks of hands down awesome holiday! Lazy mornings, numerous cafe hang outs with hot chocolate and drawing sessions. Grandparents came on two occasions and swept the kids away with stories and sneaky gifts when I wasn't looking :) Today was first day back at school for M and she was excited to bits. Her cast has come off (Doc realized the fracture was in fact higher up closer to elbow and then a cast wasn't the best way to go) so she is bouncing around with a bandage instead. The little D man is back with his tiny mates at childcare for a couple of days and is loving his time of chaos with painting and sandpit playing. I love how they get to do stuff there that you just don't do much at home. Like cutting with scissors, go crazy with the finger painting, making their own pasta and what not... Myself I got a few projects up my sleeve that I will be sharing with you shortly, but for now I will just try and catch up with the piles of things with a TO DO tag on them. Have a lovely Monday out there!


  1. ... tänk att hösten kommer till er nu. vi som börjar leva för sommaren.

  2. Hejsan lilla.u :) Ja visst är det helt tokigt?! Tog mig lång tid att vänja mig vid att det är vinter mitt i Juli..haha. Jag tog mig en titt på dina smycken och hjälp vad snygga smycken du gör!!


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