Thursday, April 5, 2012

Moments | Sammy Sun We Love You!

M wears: Tee by Atsuyo et Akiko, skirt by Mini Rodini, sneakers by Hummel. // D wears: Tee by Katvig, pants by Molo, sneakers by Vans, cap by CTH Mini
We absolutely LOVE this season. Autumn in Australia is pretty much like Summer in Scandinavia! A nice 28 C today with no wind and plenty of sun.I took my two kiddos on a whole day outing. Sometimes the only way to have a really great day you need to set aside a whole day for it and go at it hard..haha. We took the bike trailer and biked down by the beach walk and headed towards one of the many lovely playgrounds in our area. This particular one is attached to a cafe and has heaps of leafy shade to play under. It reminds me of some Danish playgrounds and we love the big fish slide they have there. The kids had a great day there. We dished on pizza in the sun and ice cream for dessert. Then some more play until everybody was exhausted and in need of a relax on the beach. The clothes quickly got wet and came off to dry in the sun. Ahhh.. these day are so lovely, and I can't wait to have a really long Easter weekend to enjoy with the whole family. I hope you all have a great Easter weekend too!


  1. I love.your outfits - and your photos even more! I really get the feeling of a great day :-)

  2. Hi Vibeke! Thank you, M picked her own outfit (as she does most days since turning 5..haha.) Yes we had a great day today, one of those that stays with you for a long time. Hope you are all well over there in DK?

  3. Man, I'm so jealous of that weather! We get more snow almost every day even though it should be spring time already :(

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

    - Jenni

  4. Jenni - we are just very lucky at the moment. When Autumn behaves it is my favorite season of the year here! Crazy you are still getting snow!! You deserve some nice Spring soon!!

    Have a lovely Easter with your family too!

  5. We have also had a couple of hours of snow herre in Denmark and it is still awfully cold. But everybody is enjoying the holidays anyway :)

  6. Vikbeke - wow snow at this time of the year. Well April is always a tricky month. Glad to hear you are still enjoying your holidays anyway. Happy Easter!


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