Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Up Close | Bobo Choses

We recently received this Bobo Choses, whale sweatshirt in the mail and it has been a sweater that I know M has wanted for a while now. She loves whales and this stunning combo of neon yellow on slate gray is just such a gem to own. One of the negative things about buying online is that you don't get to hold and touch the garment or product you are buying. I have often become a bit disappointed when I have received something in the mail because the colour hasn't been what I had expected or the fabric for that matter. When I buy or receive something I will try and give you a detailed look on the garment so you can see up close what the clothes look like.

I was very satisfied with this sweatshirt, in fact it had details I had no clue about when I picked it. Clever little double hems in the neck and at the end of the arms, gives that nice raw look and the thickness of it was a lovely surprise. If you like what you see you can find it over at Lilla Company


  1. I just love Bobo Choses, my son has loads of things from them! =)

  2. Sari - I bet he does :) They have nice quality and great prints, not much that can go wrong there..haha.

  3. Can I buy this from you?

    1. Hi.. sorry never got a name :) This sweat is still being used but perhaps after its not in use anymore? I would need a name and email info though.


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