Monday, May 14, 2012

Testing testing...

Photobucket Photobucket The other day I got a parcel delivered from Inside was two Molo goodies that I am sure my two kids will enjoy this season. We have never owned any outerwear by Molo so it will be extra nice to try out this softshell jacket and see how we like it. I have a very active little girl so I am sure she will give it a good test run and I will make sure we will let you know how it all went. Here are some detailed photos of the clothes. That is something I always miss when you buy online. You see a full shot and if you are lucky it is in some what hi resolution, but mostly it is hard to get an opinion of the details and the quality. Molo has never lacked either one of those, and it is easy to get impressed with the soft linings, neon details in the zipper, a fold to cover the zipper for comfort, or simply a clever name tag.

One thing that is also hard to see when ordering is the material. When I looked at these items online I saw none of the amazing shimmer they actually have in real life. It will be a joy to put these on and see the kids run around in it. I will snap a few shots of them in action so you can get a better idea of how they are on as well.

Matty Combat sporty sweatshirt available here.
Holly Volcano Softshell jacket available here


  1. the Molo jackets looks very lush, and you are right it is hard to see on some product shots what the product is really like. I would definitely buy the girls jacket from your photos but when i looked online it was not as pleasing or tempting to buy. How is the thickness of it?

  2. Hi Taryn - It is a soft shell jacket so it is not super thick. It is more like a wetsuit sort of feeling to it. I think it will be great for the winter here because it is water resistant and wind resistant which is perfect. Besides they have free shipping!!

  3. Do they do free shipping to Belgium? I am thinking of that girls jacket, looks great and we need a good one for next autumn/spring.


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