Thursday, May 17, 2012

Close Up | Paul & Paula


There is something very special with handmade garments. These long sleeves from Melbourne based, Paul & Paula are wonderful! Being a big fan of stripes and skateboards these two items was perfect little gifts for the little boy. We had a good day shooting some shots of them in action today! The result will be shown tomorrow. Kerstin, the designer of Paul & Paula has screen printed the skate emblem by hand and I love the cream/black baseball version. Both long sleeves are available in their store!


  1. Love the skate-shirt and the bat-hoodie in the last post. =) Hope the hoodie will be soon available (as now it wasn't, I checked... ;D)!

  2. Sari, check back tomorrow...will post some more photos of all of those items :) The bat hoodie is completely awesome..haha..had to be said! My son wanted to sleep in it today. I have nothing but good to say about these clothes! Handmade through and through! You can make an order and Kerstin will make more I think :) Email and ask!


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