Thursday, May 10, 2012

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D wears:
Longsleeve by Munster, jeans & beanie by Cotton on Kids, shoes by Puma.

Today was one of those amazing sunny days! The bluest sky and the warm sun made us wonder what season we are actually in right now. Thursdays normally mean a day with just the little mister. We start off with a slow breakfast (which is so nice after three days of speedy versions to get M and D to school/childcare in time. ) and then we try and spend the day outside if the weather permits. We met up with friends and a quick play at the beach before catching some lunch at a beach café. These are the days you just live for. No stress (which is rare!) just time to hang out and have some conversations and explore things you normally don't even stop to think about, like a jelly fish blob in the sand. After a bit of beach air we walked over and picked up M at school. By that time the little guy had fallen fast asleep!


  1. Love the shirt, of course it's by Munster! ;)

  2. He looks amazing! This trousers are surely the most beautiful trousers I've ever seen.

  3. Sari - yes those Munster rock don't they? I love that, that label is available everywhere in here in Australia, or almost everywhere...very dangerous though.

    mama pisarka - thanks! small in size but big in style..haha. Trousers are from Cotton on Kids an Australian version of H&M (or something like that). Colours are so good on little kids and I love that the trend is coloured denims right now. I want some too!!

  4. Love! the turquoise trousers... and the beautiful shots.

  5. ASIW - Thank you, I love them too, I wish they came in my size! What a wonderful blog you have, and your label Fournier is nothing but amazing. Especially loving your toy collection...all good stuff!! Thanks for visiting.


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