Friday, May 25, 2012


It is incredible cold today! I know, I know... how cold could it be in Australia right? Well with no double glass windows or radiators inside it is actually very cold on a day like today. No end of the rain in sight the only place you can be is actually inside under a blanket. Even thought these sort of days are not my favorite it does give you a good excuse to just chill out and not do too much, but drink hot drinks and steal cuddles from your 2 year old. I had to show you this rooster (yep its a female rooster... there you go!) my daughter came home with yesterday. She made it in school in art class and I have to say I am impressed! Love the quirky eyes, neat fabric and pink awesomeness! I think this one is a keeper! Have a lovely weekend out there, and if you are in Europe I hope the early summer will treat you nice and if you are in OZ, keep warm and lets hope the sun will come out to say hello.. at least once!


  1. Love it so cute. Definitely a day to stay inside. My 2 kids are currently building a Lego house!

  2. Hi Melissa, Lego is the bomb..haha. We have done a lot of drawing as well. BTW we love Moppit! Check out my little mans favorite jacket!

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Cute. Just been going back through your blog. Love it! Will definitely be a frequent visitor. I have a 7 year old girl and 4 yr old boy so similar ages. That rooster rocks!

    2. Melissa, glad to hear you like it. 7 and 4 huh? Yep that is the same age difference as mine..3 years seem to be really good when it comes to understanding and not fighting (too) much :)


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