Monday, May 28, 2012

Moments | Weekend

M wears: Hoodie by Witchery Kids, leggings by Molo, skirt by Molo, shoes by Native. D wears: Jacket by Geggamoja, pants by Rittenhouse, beanie by Mini Rodini, shoes by puma.

Gosh the weekend just disappeared! I know most weekends feel like they just go in a hurry but this one took the cake! It might have had something to do with the cold weather and the limited time you could spend outside before the chills got your bones. It is such a different cold Down Under compared to the Scandinavian cold that I am used to. The winter sort of sneaks up on you here, while in Sweden it just hits you and hard. You can still see Australian kids running around in t-shirts and shorts here, and sometimes not even with shoes on! It is like they have missed the memo that winter has arrived completely. Luckily my kids loves their beanies and the thinner ones are great here to cover small ears from chilly winds.

During the weekend I changed a few things on the blog. I personally like larger images on blogs so I fixed the width and some other small things so if some post look a bit strange just bare with me and I will fix it as I go along. I hope you like the new size.

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