Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer, We Miss You!

Ugh, it was hard getting up this morning. Too many lazy mornings in a row to be used to a beeping alarm clock at 7.30am. Even the kids were snoozing and seemingly far away deep in sleepville somewhere. These are the days were you wish it was summer outside... the holidays has just started and the whole family was getting ready to hit the beach for some warm sand between the toes and the beach bag filled with watermelon and sunscreen. The reality is a different story though, and today school started again. M was off without too much fuss, except wondering just how long is 7 weeks anyway (it is hard when your little brother just had a birthday and your own seems to be ages away).

Well here is to hoping Spring and Summer will hurry up, more birthdays comes steaming ahead and we all manage to get some sunshine to get us through more school terms and winter time! Until then, here are some Summer photos to get us by!

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