Friday, July 6, 2012

Moments | Picnic at the Beach

M wears: Jacket by Danefæ / Hoodie vest by Minti / Longsleeve by Mini Rodini / Pants by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by Hummel. D wears: Anorak by Danefæ / Sweatshirt by Minti / Pants by Popupshop / Shoes by Vans / Cap by CTH Mini.

We opted to leave the house early today. When we got down by the bay the sea was like one big mirror. Not a breeze in sight and the tide was out so there were heaps of things to explore on the rocks for the kids. We had a chance to try out the new jackets we bought on Danefæ's big sale. Both kids loved them and they are both water and wind resistant, perfect for Australia! We took a bit larger sizes a 5 and a 8 but they are not too big so we can get some wear out of them this season too. We also bought some other things, but that will have to be for another post.

We brought some food with us from home that we enjoyed on the beach. It is times like this you really have to pinch yourself and remember how lucky you are and can still do these things in the middle of winter. The kids even got so warm from running around that off came the jackets and on came the rosy cheeks. I think this is the best place ever to have two kids, they run wild with the dogs and you can actually sit down without worrying where they run to. So this is were we spent our Friday... and now we can finally say it is weekend time!

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