Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moments | Defying the rain!

M wears: Knitted sweater by Country Road, Denim shirt by H&M, Jeans by Shrunk by Scotch & Soda, Beanie (homemade), Shoes by Native // D wears: Hoodie by Shrunk by Scotch & Soda, Cap by CTH Mini.

The sun has been very absent of late, but if you got two very active kids at home, you still have to get yourself outside and grab some fresh air. I don't understand how I haven't learned the switching weather of here yet. When we got about half way down to the bay it started to rain, but smart as I am I had forgotten every form of rain cover.. no umbrella, no rain cover for the pram either. Well the kids certainly weren't bothered so we kept on going. After about 30 minutes of drizzle we decided it was time to sneak into a dry cafe and get a snack.

No matter how much we waited the rain was still coming down, so we decided it was time to head on home and catch a movie instead. We put on a good old favorite, Wall-E which was a first for D. Total love, all over again. Hope the week is treating you all well out there.

I want to send a big congratulation to Amber over at Minibots for welcoming yet another gorgeous son to their family!


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    1. Maria - It is ancient that beanie, a friend made it for me probably about 9 years ago.. it is a loved favorite in this family.

  2. I also love the beanie :))


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