Monday, July 23, 2012


It's that time people...when the all the designers are getting ready to release their new collections, and THIS is one we have been looking forward to a little bit extra much. Californian label, MINI & MAXIMUS fall 2012 collection named, Animal Collective. I absolutely love their introduction to this collection so I will let the words of the creators do the explaining of this one!

He scales the wall like a monkey. She screams louder than a squawking parrot. They track mud in like a pack of not four but six legged wolves. You hunt them down to brush their teeth, to tie their shoes, or eat their vegetables. Day after day it's a constant game of catch and release. They run free, trouble ensues and crazy things happen. Who are these elusive, untamed little creatures? The makers of Mini & Maximus clap their hands and say, "we want more"! 

This Fall we stare down these little animal-like creatures, then add extra teeth, a crown or long lashes. We look to artists like Evan Rossell, Brook Reidt and 5 year old, Mika for extra graphics of fictitious figures so that you can adorn your wild imps in our tees, onesies, hoodies and sweatpants. Now they can show us just how creatively mischievous they are, in hopes that they will be recognized as reckless comrades on the school yard, and you can avoid those perfectly pesky my-child-always-color-inside-the-lines type parents.

I have only shown a little of a really nice big line from Mini & Maximus. There are lots of nice color option in most graphics and it feels like I have only touched the surface. And yes, we are extra excited since it is my daughter who have had the great pleasure in drawing some of the characters for this line. You can also look forward to some smaller sizes this time around since they have now released onesies for the tiniest rebels on the block. As always Mini & Maximus delivers something vibrant, fresh, playful and unexpected! Just the way we like it...

The Animal Collective will be out in stores around Mid August.

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