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We recently got some Molo clothes sent to us for testing out. This is definitely one of the wonderful things about writing about children's fashion. Opening the Molo package was a little like Christmas because you know that this label is 100% focused on details and quality. I think there are very few production shots that can justify the level of detail of these clothes. There is always something that surprises you when you unpack it and it is those details that makes Molo what it is. Neon is in full swing this season and I love the way they have incorporated it in different places on the garments.

CHINOS - The strikingly blue chinos (Ardell/nautic surf) is a home run! Wonderfully soft fabric combined with some great orange neon details makes them an instant favorite for my boy. They come with an adjustable waist and a whole lot of cool!

LONGSLEEVE PRINT - Muscle cars ahoy! This power punching longsleeve (Ryan) will make my boy squeal of delight! The street car print is bathing in neon and has the classic Molo star prints on the arms. Lovely elasticity in the fabric which means it will last for a long time. THIS is the item I know my boy will love to wear a lot.

GRANDPA SHIRT - (Robert) Molo has taken the classic grandpa shirt and turned it into something very hip, with adding some cobolt blue, and some cleverly hidden neon details. Made of 100% cotton it is soft yet warm and I simply love the green neon stitches that is sewn in the bottom and across the width of the back and shoulders.

- With a name like Radcliff, you know you are going to get a bit of a different shirt. Running with red and blue hues it has all the makes of a classic shirt except for some very cool details such as skull buttons and yellow neon stitching/buttons. I am loving the double chest pockets, and it is great for a party where your little guy would want to wear something stylish yet fun enough to chase the boring away! I also have to mention you get a nice little bag with extra buttons in case you would loose some along the way, which is so handy!

Tomorrow I will showcase some garments from the girls range!! Think rock mixed with ballet!!


  1. OMG, I want to test this too:) I'd so love to see my boy in these clothes:)

    1. Petra, they will hit stores soon!(I really like your blog btw)

  2. Replies
    1. We were very lucky and got to try out the outfit you actually have on your page for girls... so amazing!


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