Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moments | Some rare D vitamin!

M wears: Knitted vest by Country Road, Hoodie by Geggamoja, longsleeve by Minti, Pants by Gro Company, Shoes by Hummel // D wears: Jacket by Moppit, Pants by Look At Me, Beanie by Mini Rodini, Shoes by Vans.

Some random photos from today's playground break. The sun was out in full force and the hubby took the kids for a good 40 minutes while I got to soak in the sun and enjoy my cappuccino undisturbed... I am telling you it was like I was transported back to the French Alps, enjoying the sun in the cool air. Today we woke up to 4c, and frost on the windows, but to a clear blue sky and sunshine. A trip to the toy store was quickly changed (to the kids big dismay I might add) to a day outside instead. I guess toy store visit will have to happen tomorrow instead. The big toy sale is on here, and I guess it is a good opportunity to get those presents for the 3 year old beast :) Hope you are all getting some sun where ever you are!! Take it and run with it!

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