Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crafty Holiday Fun!

It was another busy day on the agenda today. We had signed up for a workshop at paper/cafe hangout Tucci Brown. They are running some pretty great kids workshop during the holiday and we though we would try one out to see if it was something M would like to do.

The workshop was about 2 hours long and it was great seeing all the kids emerged in making their little stand out collages. M had heaps of fun and I am sure this is something we will try again. The class was lead by a teacher who showed them different ways of making the collages and it was fun to see the kids just take it all in while they created a wide arrange of different looking collages with all the existing colourful material. I have to admit it was a rather nice 2 hour break for myself were I could just have a break, enjoy a coffee and read a magazine while M was fully entertained in her own creative little universe :) This little shop/cafe is packed with some great little things. Beautiful papers, pens and books and wonderful little stamps. A pure treasure trove! We truly enjoyed our start of the day here, and I am sure we will come back soon for more crafty adventures. 

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