Saturday, July 7, 2012

Conversations with a 5 year old

So the first tooth finally fell out. You might think it's not really worthy of a post, but the conversation that came out if it certainly is. When M ate a corn on a cob last night the wiggly tooth that has been hanging in there for longer than I can even remember finally came out. Oh the joy! There is nothing that makes you feel older (in the good sort of almost 6 year old way) than loosing your first tooth. We quickly located the tiny tooth, still stuck on the corn and put it in a cup of water. Here is what followed.

Me: Wow so now the tooth fairy will finally come, you better put it in water.
M: Why?
Me: Well so the tooth is clean. The toothfairy likes clean teeth. 
M: Oh, alright. Will I get money for this?
Me: Of course! The first tooth is special.
M: Great! Can I rather get a small toy?
Me: Eh no, that is not how it works.
M: Oh OK. So is the tooth fairy coming tonight?
Me: Yes, when you are sleeping.
M: Is she tiny?
Me: Yes, very small.
M: How can she carry the money then?
Me: Eh... Not sure really, but it seems to work out, maybe she is really strong?
M: Oh Ok. How does she get into the house?
Me: Eh.. well she is tiny remember, she can get in, in a small hole somewhere.
M: Ah.. great. I hope D is not snoring so she gets scared away!

All while this is taking place the 3 year old, is trying to wiggle loose his teeth, because clearly this loosing teeth business is a lucrative one. So then commences another explanation on how his teeth is clearly not ready to fall off yet... and certainly not for money!

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