Friday, July 20, 2012

Small Details

Some details from my Friday by D. From top left:

1. Collecting rocks in the top pocket. 2. Giving mum a helping hand with the cappuccino. 3. There is nothing better than a juice after a long run. 4. This pocket is da bomb for rocks! 5. Checking out the button on a waitress apron when she is not looking. 6. Having a little lie down on the road ( nothing like a improvised rest). 7. Who needs straws anyway? I'm in a hurry! 8. My favorite drinking bottle! 9. Yeah OK, you can have one posed photo mum! 10. My favorite sneakers...


  1. I love your little blog! Stumbled across it a while ago and have fallen for your daily posts. Your little ones are so sweet with wardrobes to die for. What camera do you take your photos with? The depth of field is really beautiful.

    1. Hi And A - thank you! I use a Canon 550D which is a nice camera to start out with. Mostly I use a 50mm portrait lens for the nice depth of field :) have a nice weekend!


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