Friday, July 27, 2012

In the Bag!

Did some ordering from Wild and Mini the other day and thought I had to share the Minti goodness we received ( incredible fast delivery and free within Australia as well!). We ordered two tees a sweater vest and an activity book from our favorite kids magazine creators, Anorak. We couldn't pass up on the classic bear ziggy tee, got a longsleeve in it which D has loved so we added another neat summer tee to the collection. M received a unicorn tee which will be sooo loved and adored (what's with girls and unicorns!?) We also have a couple of the sleeveless hoodies from Minti and they have seriously been the best chest warmers around. Great for a cold summer evening, and perfect for layering up during the whole winter. This cool little happy spinner print became an instant hit with D, and a clear winner for today's outfit.

If you haven't checked out Wild and Mini yet, do yourself a favor and do!! You won't be disspointed and it is the number one source if you are either a Minti fan or Little Horn fan, or just crazy about Anorak Magazine like us.

Visit Wild and Mini

Have a nice weekend out there!!

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