Monday, July 9, 2012

Moments | Pancake Monday

M wears: Cardigan by The Brand, Longsleeve by Bobo Choses, Skirtpants by Popupshop, Stockings by Popupshop, Uggs by Emu. 

We are back in holiday mode over here. We agreed that Monday should be a day of recharge for the rest of the booked up week. One thing that definitely happens when it is school holidays is that everything you had planned to do like paperwork and such gets buried under all the fun activities. It is hard to explain to a 5 year old why you have to sit in a phone cue about something as boring as tax! I tried and I failed so instead we opted for holding off with that another week and just go for pancakes instead! Much more fun for both of us!

I know next week is going to be a pure catch up week with all of that. Tomorrow is an early day for us. We have to be at the Minti shoot at 9 am, but I think we are both excited about it, so we are hoping we can grab an early taxi and just have a fun time trying on the winter 13 collection. We will be staying on after the shoot to just explore Fitzroy for a while. We don't go there nearly enough and it is such a great area of Melbourne. So many great cafes and venues we are bound to find some nice hang out and treat ourselves to some delicious lunch...  


  1. Oh she is soooooo cute <3 gillar shortsen från popupshop!

    1. Hi Catharina,
      Tack! Popupshortsen är super bra... unisex så de passar fint på både killar o tjejer! :) Fin blogg du har förresten!

    2. Tack ska du ha <3 Kanske min kille skulle behöva få sig ett par såna ;)

    3. De blir säkert fin fina på honom!! Trevlig Tisdag!


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