Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moments | Toto Knits

M wears: Knit by Toto Knits, Pants by Popupshop, Longsleeve by Katvig, Shoes by EMU.

We got the nicest package delivered today, by Toto Knits from Kenya. As a part of a competition we won one of these soft koala knits (it was one of our suggestions for what sort of animal would look good as a part of their collection knits). M jumped into straight away and it couldn't have arrived on a better day. With only 10 c outside it was a good winter warmer to wear. On the tag of the knit there was a hand written name on the lady who had knitted it for us, and that was such a sweet touch. I explained it to M that a mum in Kenya had knitted it for us and she was very impressed and promised to take extra care of it. This will be such a sweet hand me down to my son as well so it will have a lengthy life over here in Australia!

Big thanks to Toto Knits for having such a fun competition!!


  1. so glad you like it annica! she looks gorgeous and tell her thanks for looking after it! xo erin and the toto knits knitters!

    1. Hi Erin! Yes we love it! She was a koala bear and was loving every second of it..haha. Such beautiful handcrafted knitting :) All the best from us over here all the way to Kenya!!


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