Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here Comes the Sun!

Gosh the days are rapidly disappearing! Thursdays means two kids and today was a day full of sunshine! First part of the day meant a trip to the other side of town and a visit with the lovely creators of Minti. Their new office/studio is tucked in a side street, close to the notoriously cool Brunswick street which is filled with amazing little cafes and bookshops. The kids loved the atmosphere of their warehouse type studio and it was packed with some very cool Minti prints. M did some sample fittings to see if she could fit a size 5 while the D man went slightly in overdrive and fell in love with their awesome pillows. I got a chance to ask a bit about Minti's  history and where it was heading. Nick and Amy who runs the Minti show are so nice and I can tell how much hard work they have put into this label baby of theirs (who has actually turned 10 years by now!). Minti is now also running Little Horn (Australian based label) and to our joy we found out that they will also be selling our favorite UK kids mag Anorak Magazine!

M will be having her Minti photoshoot soon and she is very excited about it. It will be a great to have a sneak peek at the winter 13 collection and since this has been one of our very first labels we fell in love with when we moved down under, it is an extra fun and exciting little opportunity to show the love for this cool label!


  1. I'm so jealous that you've visited the Minti office and that your girl gets to be a model for them! :D
    Minti is one of my favorites and we got few pieces from them from the sales. =)

  2. Sari, pure luck for us as well. Went to a little popupsale 5 years ago and fell in love with their designs. Will be fun to see how the shoot goes, hopefully well..haha! There will be so much great designs coming up! Prepare to loose some money! :)


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