Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moments | Rain Rain...

M wears: Knit by Katvig // Jeans by Scotch Shrunk // Shoes by Walnut Melbourne. D wears: Jacket by Hummel Kids // Jeans by Popupshop // Shoes by Natives // Backpack by Bobo Choses + Activity Book by Anorak. 

Heavy rain clouds rolled in over us today. I heard a rumor that the weekend would be rained away, which is enough to put a damper on any adventurous family. We turned it into one of those days were things are getting dealt with. Like the massive laundry pile, picking up the toys on the floor that constantly is making parents trip over while the little people seem to maneuver around them with great ease. Vacuuming and folding and all those things that somehow gets forgotten during a busy week. When lunch came around the corner we treated ourselves to some nice lunch outside.. while we ate the sky opened up once more except this time, it was quite cozy to sit under the see through roof at the cafe while the dark clouds poured down outside. We were quite lucky because when everybody was finished the sun was out again and let everybody have a bit of fun on the playground nearby... Next up on the agenda Ice Age 2 on the telly and some popcorn and drinks in the big couch! Rainy weekends aren't that bad after all.

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