Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New In | Double Wax Suede by 10IS

You feel extra lucky when a pair of new, great quality shoes arrive in the mail. It is funny, even when they are not for you but for your son, you still feel lucky and can't wait to unwrap them! Above is a few shots I took of my sons new sneakers, Double Wax Suede in green by 10IS.

Last year we got to try out this pair from 10IS Classic Tennis that we were extremely happy with. I love the nice break from velcro but without loosing the speed of it since the zip function is so much quicker than tying the laces in the morning. This time around they have even added another zipper to the design and made it a twin zip. which have been a great addition. Now you simply pull the whole front down and the foot slips easily in the shoe. These shoes just gets better with time. The shoes we got last year is still in use and the lovely suede is now a bit softer and the zipper slides easy up and down which makes it perfect for a four year old to put them on and off at school/kinder.

The comfortable insole (removable) makes it a great all around shoe, and it even comes in two sizes, wide fitted (blue) or thin fitted (orange, which fits most body types and is the default sole that comes with the shoe. ) By adding two options for customers, it is easier to adapt the comfort and support of the shoes for different foot types.

The new AW 13 collection has a lot of great options in colours and materials for both boys and girls which you can view here.

You can find 10IS online at My Little Square & Oii Design and for an extended list of retailers, please visit:



  1. the zip is awesome! very clever :)

    1. Hi Lu - yes its great, makes it so much easier to put shoes on and I like he can still wear nice looking sneakers with laces :)


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