Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Moments | Thursday Hang Out

D wears: Sweater by Just Bo / Pants by Just Bo / Beanie by Just Bo / Shoes by Converse.

Thursdays normally means 1 on 1 with this guy for me. He looks forward to when its Thursday morning and he can sleep in, watch morning cartoons on TV and basically just do what ever he wants. It is nice to have one of these days in the week when you can turn off the daily routines and not worry about having to be somewhere at a certain time.

Last Thursday he wanted to go to the "Dinosaur Cafe" which is a cafe I have written about before here. He loves the fact that they have a little playground attached to it, and little games etc to entertain him with. It doesn't hurt that they make the best gourmet chicken burger for kids either. Here are a few photos I managed to take in between lunch & playground fun. This little guy hardly stands still so I am happy I have found the perfect setting on my camera to capture him with ;) He had the chance to try out his Just Bo outfit which is so nice in its simplistic but wonderful way. If you missed the Close Up feature of this label you can still check it out here. It is the perfect outfit for a playful day since it is so soft to run around in, and it even seem to hide even the wildest adventures in the grass... love!

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