Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moments | Take me to the PLAYground

M wears: Dress by Molo / Leggings by Hummel Kids / Shoes by Pom d'Api. D wears: Tee by Frank & Lu / Pants by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by Natives / Cap by Zoo York.

Some photos from the weekend that passed. We found a great new playground in Chelsea and it only took the kids about 5 seconds to spot the cool, long slides they had. They had some great equipment to play on and plenty of shade as well. It was an unusual hot day so the shady areas came in handy after a lot of running up the big slide hill. There were some nice, sculpted benches for the parents to relax on and even a exercise area for the ones that had some energy to burn. M got to try out her new Molo dress (which I am totally in love with!) which has the cutest little illustrations all over it. It got such a nice colour combinations and the neon hems ties the whole dress together perfectly. I wish the print would come as a big poster (hint hint, Molo).

The kids ran around on all the slides, climbing areas and visited the cute little smurf village and managed to squeeze in some monkey bar action as well. After all that playing we were all starving and thirsty so we ended the day off with driving down to the bay in Beaumaris and had a late lunch and ice cream dessert on the beach. A pretty perfect Saturday I have to say!

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