Friday, October 4, 2013

Moments | Let's Hit the Park

M wears: Jacket by Zara / Singlet by Mango Kids / Cord shorts by Finger in the Nose / Leggings by Mango Kids / Shoes by Minnetonka / Bag by Susan Bijl. D wears: Jacket by Finger in the Nose / Leggings by Nico Nico / Shoes by 10IS / Beanie by Mini Rodini.

We managed to get out and not get rained on yesterday. Amazing considering the last 5 days of rain and storms here in Victoria. We jumped on our bikes and rode to a local park for a play. The kids manage to whip up a restaurant kitchen and started cooking meals. M was the chef and D was the farmer who supplied the chef with ingredients. I love how imaginative kids are. They even made me a coffee and a muffin while I was waiting for my meal (now that is service!).

We also made a quick stop at the local skate park and watched a couple of boys skate. D insisted on that next time we go by the skate park he had to have his skateboard with him. When we got on our bikes to go D informed me he had payed one of the skater boys a dollar for a good show (haha.. maybe I should be more careful giving the little dude his own spending money, then again... they did give us a good show). Then it was off to one of our favourite food hang outs which has a playground attached to it. So a day full of play and entirely spent outside which was a nice change! The sun has decided to make another appearance today so we are hoping for more of the same today, have a lovely weekend out there and a even better weekend!


  1. great images and perfect outfits, as always :)


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