Tuesday, October 15, 2013

From Finland with Love

The other day a parcel came that was packed to the brim with children's clothes full of memories. It had come all the way from Finland, sent by lovely Esther who runs the wonderful blog Kidproof together with a friend. (it is definitely a must read so if you haven't visited, make sure you do!).

A while ago we decided to do a clothes swap, so the clothes I had, that were now to small would be swapped for clothes that were outgrown by her boy. I absolutely love the second life good quality children's wear have. Finding a good home for the clothes your children have grown up in feels quite important actually. It is funny but somehow the tiny threads your kids walk around in becomes a little part of them, so you want them to find a good second home to make someone extra happy.

Here are some of the clothes we received and an equally big parcel is making its way from Australia over to Finland as we speak. I can't wait to see her little gorgeous boy walk around in some of my boys loved threads.

Here's to sustainable swaps around the world, I hope more people do it, it's definitely worth it!

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