Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brand Watch | GUGGUU

On Monday we took a trip to Poland to visit the lovely label nosweet. Today I thought we should stop over in Finland and meet Gugguu! Say hi to a label that values organic & comfortable wear for both girls, boys and toddlers!

Gugguu got it's name from a 1 year old boy who's first words was just that... gugguu. From Gugguu you get simplistic, high quality and well manufactured children’s clothing. It is important to the designers that the clothes have a fun and colourful approach to children's wear and that if features things like big pockets to store new found treasures in. Another important standpoint is the organic values and taking responsibility to create sustainable wear for children. All of the eco cotton fabric that is used in Gugguu is GOTS certified which ensures that the fabric and production is both ecological and ethical.

Their criterion for children’s clothing is usability, comfort of use, soft, safe and high quality fabrics. Simplicity is also a plus, clothes without pictures or prints. Gugguu has taken into consideration first of all the comfort and wishes of the child, but also the demands of an adult expecting high quality.

Visit the colourful & stylish world of Gugguu right here:

:: GUGGUU ::


  1. Nice to see a Finnish brand here! ;) I recommend you also to check out Raida (
    It's cool that these kind of brands are coming from Finland now, earlier almost every Finnish brand were very colourful and retro-inspired. The trend seems to be changing now. :)

    1. Hi Sari! Yes I should have more Finnish brands in my brand watch... It would be odd if such a design/style rich country like Finland wouldn't produce some amazing looking labels, so I will keep my eyes open. Will check out Raida (have heard of it). Yes it seems like the super retro era might be over (for now at least).


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