Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Brand Watch | Frank & Lu

It wasn't long ago I stumbled across this US label, Frank & Lu. I fell for their lovely, comfy hoodies, with the button option and quickly looked through their webshop. I instantly found a lot of great looking clothes that I would describe as stylish basics. The sort of clothes that you find in the morning and instantly want to jump into. 

The idea for Frank & Lu,  a line of fashion clothing for boys and girls, sprung from necessity. Since he was old enough to have an opinion, Frank would not wear scratchy, stiff t-shirts with monster trucks and dinosaurs on them.  If a big person wouldn’t wear them, why should a kid have to?   And though Lu likes pink ruffles and sparkles and tulle, she has to be comfortable or multiple outfit changes per day ensue.  So we built a fashion line that incorporates a high degree of style with comfort built in, using lighter weight fabrics that are easy for a child to get in and out of.

Michael Jarvela is the founder and CEO of Frank & Lu. Michael graduated from Parsons school of design in 1993.  A veteran fashion designer of 18 years, Michael has headed up the men’s department at Gap, created the best selling JCrew Tee shirts ever, and was there when Club Monaco was just a start up. 

Frank and Lu are the Creative Directors at Frank & Lu.  Frank is 7 and Lu is 5.  Raised in New York City, they draw their inspiration from New York and all it has to offer.  Though Dad may design,  Frank and Lu tell him exactly what they like...and what they don’t. If they won’t wear it... he doesn’t make it. Because after 7 years of personal research on great style and comfort of kids clothes, the Frank and Lu philosophy is that their customers should be a whole lot less fussy about getting dressed. 

Visit Frank & Lu here:

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  1. it looks really nice and comfortable! the concept and style reminds a little bit of Nico Nico which is great because it's another awesome brand :)

    1. Hi Lu, yes you are right it does remind me a little of Nico Nico, (which we love as well). We own 2 hoodies which we completely love. One of them is made of tri blend which is so incredible soft! Definitely a brand to keep an eye on I think.


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