Thursday, October 24, 2013

Moments | Wind Breaker

Not quite sure what is going on with the weather lately, but as the wild fires are burning in NSW with hot days we are having a cold and very wet week here in Victoria. It was a perfect opportunity to try out something warm in between the warmer weekends and D jumped into his Gugguu outfit the other day.

I wrote about this label earlier here, and promised to show you the clothes in action as well and here they are. They were taken on a really windy and rather cold day so it was nice to see the clothes holding up to both weather elements. I never got complaints on being cold, and the generous hood came in handy, especially since the buttons in the neck made it extra snug and it didn't blow off in the winds. I really like how this outfit sits on my little guy. We picked a size 116 (my boy is 4 and a couple of months) and at first I was a bit worried we might have gone a bit too big, but luckily both the pants and the hoodie has long and tighter hems around the arms/legs so there was no oversize look to it even though he will be able to have it for quite some time.

The little guy was really happy to find the large pockets, and he instantly packed them with toy airplanes, dinosaurs and a handful of cars. Since they were so deep I am happy to say nothing fell out of them either! After getting some jumping thrills in on the beach it started to rain, and lots of it so we had to head towards dryer indoors and a chance to get some food and a warm drink. D found a giant blackboard so he was entertained with trying to write his name and chatting to the cafe staff.

We are super happy we got to try this label out, and the little man is very pleased to have an outfit that can stash his toys while he is on the go...

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