Saturday, October 12, 2013

Moments | Welcome Weekend!

M wears: Tee by Mini Rodini / Shorts by Finger in the Nose / Sandals by Pom d'Api / D wears: Cap by Billabong, Longsleeve by Munster Kids / Pants by Soft Gallery / Shoes by Natives.

This has felt like the worlds longest week actually. The first week back to school after a two weeks break always feels a bit rough. It is funny, at the end of a school holiday I am pretty sure most parents are secretly wishing a bit of routine is coming back into the picture but then when you got it back you sort of wish the lazy mornings would stick around a bit longer. M has had an intensive swimming program in school, which means swimming everyday for 2 weeks. She also has started back in swim school so some days she has to hop in the pool twice in one day. This little girl amazes me though, no complaints and only a big smile on her face. You would think she would be tired at the end of a school day, but no, she runs out to play with friends. If I only know how to harness an ounce of that energy she has I would be set!

D is also back in his swim class, and like a lightning from a clear blue sky he just decided to swim with minimal floating assistance. Ever since he realized that you can actually end up under the surface if you don't move your legs and arms (I know...who knew!?) his fear of "going under" seemed to have disappeared. So nice after a lot of "I don't want to go to swim school!!". It feels good to have the little people ready for the beach and some fun in the waves this summer. We are so ready!! Bring it on :)  Have a lovely weekend out there!

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