Friday, October 18, 2013


One of the best things about online shopping, is getting pleasantly surprised when the clothing arrives. Although with that said, I also wish there would be more focus on showing the details of garments, because lets face it, if it is cleverly designed like Finnish label GUGGUU is, I would buy it just for that.

We recently got to try out a set of clothes from their latest range and I wanted to show you just what is so good about this label. The striking zippers of their hoodies makes an otherwise common garment look quite fresh and different. I also like the fact they have chosen to make it a biker jacket style with putting it to the side instead of just straight down. Another great feature is their 2 buttons in the neck area, so you can make the neck snug and warm and it also makes the hood stay on even on a windy day.

The inside of the hoodies are made from soft fleece so they are comfy to wear even with just a tee under, and the one feature that my kids would say is the best thing? The pockets of course! On both their hoodies and pants they have some great, big pockets that go from the front all the way around to the back. A perfect storage place for anything you find exploring, or just a portable toy stash (like my boy has discovered). I also like the fact that most of the garments have a nice stretch in them, so they are easy to put on and take off. And if I should continue my rant on what is great about these clothes, I have to mention their long hems in both arms and legs. This feature makes it possible for longer use of the clothes. Simply fold up if too long or fold down for an extra year or so of wear.

I will try and capture these clothes in action soon, so keep your eye out if you want to see how they look on... The clothes featured in this post/test is as follows, Hoodie in grey / Hoodie in black / Leggings in yellow & grey / Tee / Collagepants in black / Tricot pants in grey.

For more info on GUGGUU visit their website here.

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