Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shaka Muchacha SS13 | Mini & Maximus

We had a great time shooting some photos with the new Mini & Maximus SS13 collection, SHAKA MUCHACHA in the disappearing sun a while back. It had been one of those lovely late summer Sundays when you just hang around and do what ever you feel like. We ended the day with a bike on the beach walk and a treat of ice cream while we got front row seats to watch the sun go down. Here's to never ending summers!!


M wears: Tiny Shark Hoodie by Mini & Maximus // Lay Low pants by Mini & Maximus (coming soon) // Heart Hand top by Mini & Maximus  // Shoes by Feiyue // Independence hat by Mini & Maximus.

D wears:
French Surfer Hoodie by Mini & Maximus (coming soon) // Tiny Shark Linen Shorts by Mini & Maximus // Tiny Shark hat by Mini & Maximus (new stock coming soon).

If the item you are looking for is listed as coming soon, or second shipment. Be sure to check MIMAshoot label for updated links on where to find these items.


  1. WONDERFUL! Beautiful pics! We just received that hoodie, love it. What size is the shorts he is wearing?

    1. Hi Maria, thank you!! I am actually not sure what size the shorts are since they are samples but I am guessing a size 5, they were a bit too big for him in the waist so we had to safety pin it in the back so I would go smaller size if getting some. My boy is 3 and a half, so I would go size 4 for him.

    2. My son is the same age as yours. I ordered the shorts in size 4 years, I hope they fit :)

    3. I think they will!! :) He will look great in them...


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