Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moments | Sweet Sun

M wears: Sweatshirt by Nico Nico / Pants by Lola For Kids / Tee by Mini Rodini / Pom pom beanie by CTH Mini / Shoes by Walnut Melbourne. D wears: Tee by Shampoodle / Cords by Shampoodle / Shoes by Converse / Beanie by Zoo York.

THIS is Autumn at its best behavior! The morning started rather crips and cold but by mid day it had turned into a gorgeous sunny day with a chance of running about in just a tee again. Since it is Easter break for the kids it normally means getting out early and keeping them entertained. We couldn't resist getting some fresh air down by the water which was like a big flat mirror. Lots of rock throwing, dune jumping, dinosaur playing and a quick lunch in between.

D man got to try out his Shampoodle outfit which was perfect. Love the cords which got a slight low hang to them, and since they are dark they will last for many months of knee crawing, climbing or what else a little curious boy could get up to. They didn't have a adjustable waist, but we solved that quickly with a neat little belt. The Sodermalm tee is so graphically cool, and any Stockholm resident or visitor would get a kick out of the awesome name map. M jumped into her new Mini Rodini tee which we bought from Minibots (all sold out by now though...) and borrowed her brothers Lola For Kids pants that we got from Loja Dádá. Perfect Autumn outfit that turned into a convertible summer outfit ;) Perfect for a day like today.

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