Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Autumn/Winter Warmers

I have had a few inquires regarding jackets lately, and what my own kids will be wearing this Autumn/Winter, so I thought I would compile a list that I think would fit the Australian weather conditions. These 6 jackets are on the lighter side but will keep wind out and still be warm enough for most seasons. I am starting out with the boys and will make one for the girls soon as well. I hope you find some inspiration for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe for your little boys if you are on the search for a good jacket at the moment.

1. Sand Cotton Jacket by THE BRAND // 2. Pico Jacket by MINI RODINI // 3. Madness Jacket by MUNSTER KIDS // 4. Fleece Hoodie by NOVA STAR // 5. Fleece lined hoodie by WITCHERY KIDS // 6. Jacket by H&M


  1. Man, how the time flies!?! Once again you are preparing for the winter while we are waiting for the summer sun :)

    - Jenni

    1. Yes, time flies!! You do deserve some summer over there soon!!


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