Saturday, April 27, 2013

Moments | Friday with Dad

D wears: Parka by Country Road // Goofy Long sleeve by Kid Collective // Trackies pants by Bonds // Gumboots by Hummel Kids // Beanie by The Brand.

Since we had a public holiday on Thursday J decided it was a good time to take a day off from work and just hang out with D and myself. Such a good decision. It was nice to just do our normal stuff we do on Fridays like go to swim school, visit the playground, fruit and veg shopping but have "daddy" with us. D was excited to show off how far he has come with his swimming at swim school and it was good to see how extra proud he was (almost showing off actually). We also got the chance to have breakfast together at a new hangout that has recently opened. The boys enjoyed their coffee/babyccino, together while reading the newspaper, so cute.

After breakfast it was off to swim school but first a quick visit to D's favorite shop, the hobby shop that has all sorts of amazing radio cars, airplanes and boats. It almost turned out to a new form of torture because of course he wanted all the cars on display and just having a look was of course not in his mind space at all ;)

It was a nice day just hanging out the three of us. M was in school and had a great excursion learning all about Aboriginal art and culture in the city. Hopefully we can do more of these days together again soon.

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