Monday, April 22, 2013

Moments | Welcome Autumn

D wears: Fleece Jacket by Nova Star // Velour pants by Tiny Minymo // Tee by Bobo Choses // Gumboots by Hummel Kids // Beanie by Vans.

Some photos from an excellent puddle day. It's not until you get kids you fully appreciate a good puddle day I think. On with gumboots and off to find some good areas to stomp in. My little guy loves a good puddle and he can be completely content with one big puddle for ages. He also discovered the red, yellow and orange leaves that were laying all over the roads. Autumn has moved in for sure. Such a good way of describing the seasons for the young ones, picking up some different coloured leaves and show what season we are in at the moment.

It is like time is passing a bit slower, it takes a little bit more time to get ready with more clothes on. I am hoping we are getting some more crisp days like this weekend. I can stand a long winter if the weather Gods can give us a bit of sun and blue sky and a little less grey sky and rain (here's to hoping). But it is true what they say, there is no bad weather only bad clothes, so that is what we did, we rugged up with some warm jackets like this Nova Star jacket that we got a while back which is lovely. It is unfortunately not available anymore but they got some very neat black/blue/purple versions in this seasons collection over at Oii. We managed to have a good day and found some great puddles to jump in...both of us!!


  1. Wow, that was quick... yesterday playing at the beach, and now this. :)
    But looks nice, too!

    1. Hi Daniela,
      yes we had a good long summer but I think the colder weather is on its way for real now. I will have to warm myself with your warm photos soon :)


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