Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Collégien | As comfy as a sock!

Super comfy slippers/socks from Collégien has just arrived at Minibots. We got a pair last winter and they have been used to the point you can hardly recognize them anymore. I like how they are the perfect mix between a moccasin and a shoe. The extra soft soles are so flexible and they also make it possible for a little bit of outside wear too. They got a smart non-slip spikes on the bottom of the soles so there is no slipping on slippery surfaces either.

Minibots has taken in 3 different styles, Cloud Slippers / Lightning bolt slippers and Polka dot slippers. Collégien slippers are guaranteed to keep all little toes warm and snug.

:: Shop Collégien @ Minibots ::

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