Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moments | Sunday Hike

M wears: Top by Goatmilk / Shorts by Kulör / Sandals by Vivo Barefoot. D wears: Top by Mini & Maximus / Shorts by Gap / Cap by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by 10IS.

Some photos from today's hike in the fern rich Ranges. We were spoiled with some warm weather and sun so we took the opportunity to get some fresh mountain air into the lungs and get the kids exploring the lovely fern tree surroundings up there. I love the drive up there because on the winding roads and with the long wines hanging down from the trees it literally feels like you have stepped into an adventure (or maybe the Hobbit movie). The kids were great on their hike. We almost had to shout for them to slow down instead of coaxing them on.  They are definitely getting old enough to go on longer hikes now which is great. We spotted some red Rosella birds, and giant bull ants, and one pig (not wild though!). Beautiful day that ended with a hearty lunch and a trip to the lolly shop!


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    1. Hi Sini, thank you! It was quite easy snapping away with the camera in that environment, the beauty was not hard to see :)

  2. Hej!

    Mysigt ställe ni var på. Det var inget vildsvin ni stötte på? Här i Svedala har de hittat SÄLUNGAR i skogen på 2 olika platser. Märkligt!
    Ville inte D fotografera??Det får börjas i tid,


    1. Hej Mam, nej det var inget vildsvin..tja det kunde det faktist ha varit men den var i en inhängnad :) Sälungar i skogen? Låter mystiskt. Jo D ville allt ha kameran men det glömde han snabbt då han ville vara först ut på stigen och före stora syrran ;)


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