Thursday, April 25, 2013

ROOM | Kiddo Room

Here are some of our favorite items to decorate a kids room with. Always been a fan of clean white walls with colourful items so here are a few things that would brighten any kids room. The lovely chair and table by We Do Wood has a retailer page if you are looking for a place to order it from in your country.

1. Lilly's Chair by We Do Wood / 2. Sheep skin, white by IKEA / 3. Garland by Little Lamb / 4. Geo's table by We Do Wood / 5. Things Wall chart Poster by Blink Design / 6. Hang it All hooks by Eames / 7. Storage Apple by Qualy / 8. LED pendant lamp by IKEA / 9. PS cabinet by IKEA  / 10. Duvet set by Kip & Co / 11. Quiet kid pillow by Luckyboy Sunday / 12. Bean bag by Little Red Stuga.


  1. I love the chair&table.i even wanted to buy it for my daughter (2,5) but the problem is,it's really not that high.Too bad

  2. The Lilly`s Chair and the Geos Table are for toddlers up to 4- 5 years old. The manufacturer Wedowood should come out soon with a bigger size desk for older children and adults. Have a look here

  3. Great to hear bigger size desk and chair is available soon, but if the current size is for 4-5 I think i would have gone with that if I had smaller children. Thanks for the link Alessia!


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