Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moments | Running with Autumn

M wears: Hoodie by Mini & Maximus / Leggings by Mini Rodini / Cap by Elwood / Shoes by Walnut Melbourne. D wears: Baggy leggings by Skandinavian Raw / Hoodie by Popupshop / Shoes by Converse / Cap by Billabong.

Some images from the long weekend that passed. The seasons are coming together in a rather wonderful way right now. It is getting a bit colder but not cold enough to not get a little surf in. It is sort of a toss up what the weather will give you, but you do what you can with what you get.

We took the wind and the clouds and had a day of a bit of city experience and added a afternoon of exploring on the coast. A pretty good combination actually, the best of both worlds. The kids loved climbing on the sandy rock formations and drawing with perfect sticks in the sand, and myself and my husband liked the opportunity to visit a favorite cafe down in St.Kilda we haven't been to in a while. Too bad the weekend went way too fast. Isn't that always the case?? Here's to longer weekends!

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